illustrator, writer, and educator
passionate about storytelling.

Currently: Co- Editor in Chief at v.1


En Clave (In Code)

(2023) laser-cut cardboard and metal ring

  • A letterform stencil set inspired by Latin American histories of screenprinted matter as resistence. The non-conventional set challenges the user to create letters in distinct manners, creating an individual methodology and unique reading experience


RISD Museum (Hypothetical) Promotional Poster 

  • Pulling inspiration from the museum’s collection, I invite the viewer to experience the space like an art student does - thus bringing them into the observational and curiosity filled manner of studying artwork.


"Chinchorreo Caseño"

  • As a practicing writer and visual journalist, I am keenily interested in documenting stories that feel meaningful. I was interested in  immortalizing my family’s traditional Puerto Rican recipes. 
  • One of my grandfather's fondest hobbies is to cook for others. Whilst talking to him about these recipes I was made aware of the similarities present between our passions to serve others, although through incredibly different ways of doing so.

link to complete pdf

Hauz & Home
(2024) type design

  • Inspired by ideas of housekeeping, bliss, and care: these typeface designs reflect both innocent joy and tenderness present in comfortable home spaces. Hauz (the one that is black & white) translates the line quality and messiness of children’s drawings in order to form house adjacent structures and letters. Home (the one that is red & white) focuses on the classic, overlapping gingham pattern, hintinf to the labor of love that needed to contruct these spaces, to create soft letterforms.

inspiration images︎︎︎


What Does Your Support System Look Like?
(2023) 20 x 12in, placemats

  • Inspired by the programming tool Processing, the assignment required the usage of the program to make a modular system of visual imagery. Using said system I developed interactive placemats for community building. 

process photos and final prints︎︎︎


America’s Food Basket (Hypothetical) Re-branding

  • Inspired by the multicultural hispanic community that inhabit Broad St. (where the supermarket is located), I designed a brand identy for America’s Food Basket full of vibrant colors, bold typefaces and spanglish messaging.
  • link to complete pdf