︎    What Does Your Support System Look Like?

2023, 20 x 12in, placemats
found in design

Inspired by the programming tool Processing, the assignment required the usage of the program to make a modular system of visual imagery. Using said system I developed interactive placemats for community building. 

process image and
final prints in use!︎︎︎

︎    “Morning Roomie!”

2022, stop-motion cut paper animation
found in illustration

  • Inspired by acts of service as a love language and the pleseantries in living with someone you care for.
  • Final animation for the course Typography for Illustrators led by Rafael Attias. 

︎    En Clave (In Code)

2023, laser-cut cardboard, metal ring
found in design

  • A letterform stencil set inspired by Latin American histories of screenprinted matter as resistence. The non-conventional set, intented for spray paint, challenges the user to create letters in distinct manners, creating an individual methodology and unique reading experience. 

stencils in use! ︎︎︎


︎    The Daily :
(Hypothetical) Rebranding

2023, found in design

An assignment geared to reimagine the current branding of a podcast, the listener base, and reoccuring topics of discussion in order redesign the podcast cover and a
promotional gif .

︎    "Kisses Goodnight”

2023, 6 x 10 x7in, plywood, fabric, felt
found in fine art

An assignment geared to utilize the “finger tapping” mechanism by wooden rods suquentially hitting the ends of wooden parts connected to a rod.