illustrator, writer, and educator
passionate about storytelling.

Currently: Co- Editor in Chief at v.1


“Crying Out for Change”
(2024) 14 x 18 in , goache on watercolor paper

  • Painting series on growing up Christian and teenage milestones unequivocally marked by religion.



"Fifty-two windows that flew by"
(2021) 10 x 72 in , ink on watercolor paper

  • How do you interpret a year's worth of time? This project depicts a year as a long winding road characterized by the traditional events that take place each month, to the more personal celebrations such as a birthday.
  • If you look closely, each week is represented by a window or door!


The Daily, A podcast by the New York Times: A Hypothetical Rebranding

(2023), digital illustration and animated gif

  • An assignment geared to reimagine the current branding of a podcast, the listener base, and reoccuring topics of discussion in order redesign the podcast cover and a promotional gif.


“Remembering Girlhood”

(2023)13 x 9 in, goache on watercolor paper

  • illustration inspired by article 27 in the rights for children: “you have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met.”


Chex Mix Packaging Design 

  • Created as part of a larger project concerning the packaging of food items this repeat pattern takes inspiration from the Chex Mix different shapes and references a checkerboard pattern to appriciate the variety of forms the snack offers


"Chicken Pox: Who Does What?”
(2023), 4 x 5 in each, printed on cardstock

  • cards illustrating the different parts and functions of the immune system when its faced with chicken pox - meant for children ages 5-10


“Soñando Contigo (y el Coqui)”
(2022) , digital painting

  • Reinterpretation of a page from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

“Morning Roomie!”

(2022) stop-motion cut paper animation

  • Inspired by acts of service as a love language and the pleseantries in living with someone you care for.
  • Final animation for the course Typography for Illustrators led by Rafael Attias


“Love Letters” 
(2022) 12 x 12 in, goache on watercolor paper 

  • Painting series based on intimacy, connection, and mutual and self care.


“How to (Get Through a) Breakup”  
(2021), 11x17 in, gouache on Bristol


"Pizza Pier on Wickenden"

(2022), 8 x 10in, gouache on cut Bristol paper

  • Made as part of a journalistic illustration class, the piece aimed to provide the viewer with a quick review of a local restuarant, highlighting the setting and food ser


"última Coca-Cola en el desierto"
(2021), 8x6 1/2 in, gouache on Bristol paper